Reprobate Hollywood, From Ancient To Modern.

(Originally published in Thermidor Magazine, from May 2018).

The world is now coming to realize what some keen observers have known all along: that Hollywood as a cultural institution is rotten to the core. As a major part of the culture industry (to borrow Horkheimer and Adorno’s phrase,) Hollywood has eaten away at the moral and spiritual fabric of society while also serving as a major conveyor belt for the absolute worst ideological excesses of the modern world. The cultural legitimacy and influence of deep-pocket creeps like Harvey Weinstein are shocking, to say the least – this is a man who has thrown vast sums at Democratic political campaigns and various Hollywood-championed, ultra-progressive ideological causes. That much is clear, but it is merely a facile and labored point American conservatives like to make when throwing barbs at fallen celebrities and Hollywood moguls. Continue reading “Reprobate Hollywood, From Ancient To Modern.”


Meme Exegesis #3: NPC Pepe.

We have all seen it, meme’d it, spoke of it, saw the mainstream media freak out about it, embrace its edginess, heard it being called “right wing solipsism” etc. The best argument against solipsism is that if everything is merely the construct of our minds, or that I in the singular self is the only “true” consciousness, then why would I choose to be some weak mortal in hell-world? Why would I not imagine myself to be a God among men, conforming reality to my will? At least this is the experience of being “woke” or “a non-normie” a “non-NPC” to the Online Right wing. At least this is what drives at the heart of the NPC meme, and why it is so effective against the liberal left. Most people, and most of them especially, feel that they can choose everything in life as a free and autonomous individual, including what one deeply believes. Ask them something, anything, like “why is freedom and equality a good thing?” They sure will have some waffled philosophic justification, or appeal to some inane naive empiricism that justifies their religious devotion to “freedom” and “equality”. But the reality is in a totally secular and groundless worldview, these so-called principles are simply images of thought, unconscious assumptions that, either through indoctrination or social osmosis, go totally unquestioned.

You see, there are very few occasions for true freedom to take place, and that’s usually reserved for artists, philosophers, certain athletes, Holy people, people with true power, etc. The tiny and momentary moments in life that are filled with brilliance, clarity, beauty, religious and artistic ecstasy, zen-like stillness etc. what Schopenhauer called the momentary “suspension of the will-to-live”. Most people live life through what Gurdjieff called “sleeping-wakefulness”, being a non-playable character following a script. What the extremely online Right got wrong (hence why the meme died out so quickly) is that this meme simply does not apply to *sniffs* IDE-OLO-GEE. AND SO ON, and so on….. Continue reading “Meme Exegesis #3: NPC Pepe.”

Monday Modern Art Madness #21: Caveman vs. Moderns, An Honest look at Tracy Emin’s recent Exhibition at White Cube.

Recently, I came upon a thread that really encapsulates the sentiment that the cultural/online/whatever Right has towards artistic modernism and contemporary art. Read it here if you have not seen it yet, it really peaked my interest in many ways:

To begin with a bit of critique, whole essays have been written about the differences between “modern”, starting with (argubly) Goya, right up to the impressionists, and all 19th-20th century art movements, ending in roughly the 1960s and 70s. Many on the Right (ALA Paul Joseph Watson) get the two confused, but this is of little value in pointing out.

Juxtaposed to the famed oldest cave paintings found in the Chauvet cave, is a “god” of contemporary art, the overrated luminary of the NBA (New British Artists) whom shocked the world in the late 90s by winning the illustrious Turner Prize…The quintessential artist of “the self”, the almighty and ubiquitous BODY so obsessed over by critical theorists, art critics and lit-departments, the embodied female, the body of trauma, BODIES is the name of the game in the 21st century. I am of course talking about Tracy Emin, and her new exhibition of paintings, ,sculptures, photographs and drawings at White Cube entitled “A Fortnight of Tears”. Continue reading “Monday Modern Art Madness #21: Caveman vs. Moderns, An Honest look at Tracy Emin’s recent Exhibition at White Cube.”

Dreaming of Reaction. A Dream Journal Entry.

Some people can remember very vivid dreams, and quickly forget them, and most seem to not be able to clearly remember dreams. I guess I am one of the lucky few that not only can remember quite life-like dreams, but have been able to take them as inspiration at various points of my life, and to recall them in a narrative fashion. Perhaps then it was some weird synchronicity, some small chance of destiny that one day in high school, while staying in the library during lunch (yeah, I was one of those kids) I was casually scanning the psychology books, and one tiny, crumbled and front cover crazing black book caught my attention. I had casually seen the author before in passing (because I started listening to Tool at the time) and seen that it was “C.G. Jung, Man in Search of A Soul”. Like some long forgotten alchemist text, lost to history in this hidden-away part of a High School library,  I stated reading it every lunch time, hiding it in a desk, and the words and concepts, and the his way of elucidating things all were so novel to me at the time, and in a lot of ways still are. Continue reading “Dreaming of Reaction. A Dream Journal Entry.”

Monday Modern Art Madness #21: Arthur Boyd’s “Lysistrada” I and II, mythic love contra the sisterhood.

This week on MMAM, we venture into one of Australia’s premier contemporary visionary and landscape painters, two genres which just so happens to be right up my alley, Arthur Boyd (RIP) like so many of his similar milieu around the world (Giger, Beksinksi, Fuchs, and Heinwein to name a few) Boyd sought to re-imagine the landscape and the mythic character of the western world around him. Here we have two companion pieces he did from a whole series of etchings and works related to Aristophanes’ play about a group of woke pacifist women trying to stop the Peloponnesian war, Strap in for a very modern ode to a classic mythic play, and to the power of desire and love contra the politics of the day. Continue reading “Monday Modern Art Madness #21: Arthur Boyd’s “Lysistrada” I and II, mythic love contra the sisterhood.”

Monday Modern Art Madness, #20: Living in Apocalyptic Modernity, Justin Mortimer’s “Zona” and “Here It Is”.

One of the most interesting and dare i say “authentic” artists to have come out of the new British artists school of the 90s, and has recently gained new prominence is Justin Mortimer. While the Tracy Emin’s and Damien hirst’s of the world decided to make a mockery of contemporary art with their increasing feats of self-referential narcissism (with the exception of a few choice pieces, but dare I say it, nothing in Emin’s corpus is redeemable), Mortimer went the “unconventional route”, albeit unconventional for the world of contemporary art at the time. Mortimer decided that to stick to the painterly, with the assistance of technology in some unique ways of course, was the way to go, and photo collages simply did not cut it in terms of the visual impact painting has always delivered.

to quote Fused Magazine:

Mortimer’s practice is not for the fainthearted, but in a world in which atrocities, disasters and tragedies are all too prevalent, his paintings offer essential commentary on power and its abuse in a new, globalised (sic), digital, post-truth phase of the nuclear age”

So to wrap up Modern Art Madness Week, i present to you dear reader, an analysis of two very provocative works of post-modern, Neo-representational art that casts a very long, dark shade upon modernity, and who knows, we might just find some cereals of comparability with reactionary analysis and thinking as we go along. Be prepared, these works are truly mirror like-in their ability to reflect modern chaotic TRASH WORLD like nothing else. Continue reading “Monday Modern Art Madness, #20: Living in Apocalyptic Modernity, Justin Mortimer’s “Zona” and “Here It Is”.”

Monday Modern Art Madness Special Edition: The Wokest Trad-take on a Modern Art Monstrosity.

SO its after Christmas and New Years, finally we are delivered from the utter melancholy (and the infinite sadness) of 2018, now we are fully within the year of our Lord 2019, and I go and choose this, THIS outrageous topic for my first post in the new year. Strap in my dear readers, for this is a piece that might challenge you, but more importantly, it sure is challenging me. Furthermore, if we are diving into “problematic” things, this piece stretches to the utter limit of the whole point of this series to begin with, a “reactionary/Rightist/TRAD” or…whatever, defense of certain aspects and works of modern/contemporary art. I also intend to give a little ode in my own way, to one of the biggest fine art popularizes in this century, Sister Wendy Beckett. BBC presenter, Nun, and art historian whom recently passed away in the year’s closing after living a long and very saintly life, teaching the beauty and Godly nature of art to everyone.

This piece relative to the others, if i may use such a crude and juvenile metaphor, is like listening to hard rock since you were a kid, and then suddenly discovering blackened-slam death metal, some things get really….really lost in translation once you make that gigantic grand canyon leap into oblivion; Never the less, I shall charge on, and hopefully get a few screws turning to not just the Trad crowd, the online religious flock, but even normies who are mostly off-put and stunned by the mere mention of this piece. I have even seen atheists say “TOO FAR” when witnessing this illuminated sight of pure transgression, what most would chalk-up to crass and child-like edginess being elevated into “high culture” by the profane and nihilistic anti-christian western art world/media. I certainly thought the same many years ago (and there is still truth to that assessment, lets be honest). What am I talking about exactly? I seem to be rambling on and on, hopefully creating much needed literary suspense! Well, maybe not….the piece I am referring to, if you have not guessed already, is one of the most controversial pieces of art ever created, it is simply two mind-shattering, viscerally charged, impactful, vivacious, ominous, and terrifyingly edgy words…..PISS CHRIST. Continue reading “Monday Modern Art Madness Special Edition: The Wokest Trad-take on a Modern Art Monstrosity.”