Beholding A New Pale Horse, Updated and Expanded version.

Here it is, the essay that started it all, and kicked off my path to becoming a writer and essayist on the internet! “Beholding a new pale horse”, edited and (somewhat) expanded for a bit more coherence.

once again, I thank NobodyTM for sharing this essay on the mainsite, and Adam TC Wallace for giving me an opportunity to start writing full time.

Beholding A New Pale Horse, frankfurt essay. final edit.

Second Light in New Art Secession: Transitions from Vienna Secession 1.0.

What was the mission of Vienna Secession? why there are a number of great resources out there, a quick rundown is this article here, and also a longer lecture on VS and Gustav Klimt in particular. Go give them a quick viewing to understand what they were trying to accomplish. Continue reading “Second Light in New Art Secession: Transitions from Vienna Secession 1.0.”

First Light in New Art Secession: Problematizing the Art World.

the following will be an off the cuff series of sketches if you will, a provocative and informal proposition for a new way of looking at contemporary art. “counter-discourses” must arise, to use a Foucauldian term, new possibilities that can arise for the artistic dissident. New potentialities and creativeness must form. The first in a series will be tacling what exactly the outsider-artist faces in the modern world.

Continue reading “First Light in New Art Secession: Problematizing the Art World.”

Why the Doomer Walks.

It’s a modern ritual for 20-something young men, one of the only rituals we have left, but for only the few.

The Doomer walks alone at night, bathed in the cloak of revere that the sacred darkness produces, lost in memories. Etched within their sadness, they are driven by an inner longing only an empty urban silhouette can express. There are many reasons for this. One being the simple, pragmatic explanation that often times sleepy suburban bedroom community streets are often vacant at night. Couple that with the awkwardness of interacting with random people at night, human interaction is cut to a low probability. In this way, the dark and dimly lite streets cloaks the Doomer, allowing him (rarely her) to freely soul-search in silence and under the sublime grace of the night sky. The sounds of distant cities hum in the background, ambulances, owl’s hooting, wind rustled leaves, that one sleepless dog bark, all make up the sonic tapestry of subtle ambient noise the Doomer unconsciously drinks in during nighttime strolls. Continue reading “Why the Doomer Walks.”

How to spot an E-grifter.

We have all seen them, we can’t quite put our tongues on why certain Ecelebs just gives our stomachs that uneasy feeling. The “gut” to many, if not most traditions and cultures around the globe is like your own in-born intuition-barometer. The gut as a metaphor for this sixth sense, this intuitive inner pull towards a vague feeling often times can deliver prophetic truths, if one is receptive and wise enough to hone and cultivate this intuitive sense. Sadly there is an ambiguity between this feeling of uneasiness, and the so-called “rational” mind that is, more often than not, informed by ideology and one’s own Weltanschauung. And here within this slight pause, this moment of grey era ambiguity is where the Egrifter dwells, especially those of the conservative pundit or alt-lite/altright variety. Continue reading “How to spot an E-grifter.”

Modern Art Madness, Double Feature: Surreal Horrorscapes in Mariusz Lewandowski “Atomic Emptiness” and “The Birth of Artificial Intelligence”.

500_500_productGfx_cd48296184a7f94f9127f18251d95d0aThe Birth of Artificial Intelligence” (2016).

Mariusz Lewandowski (ML) has become quite the breakout artist in the surreal/metal album art/post-Beksinski art scene often found on the margins of the art world, occupied by visionary artists, Neo-hippie outsider art, psychedelia, comic and tattoos conventions, etc. What I would estimate to be the “darker side” of the visionary art phenomenon that has grown in popularity from the mid 90s to the mid 2000s, especially now in the internet age (instead of Grey and Venosa, think H.R. Giger). ML has always captivated me, being a fan of Beksinski’s work since i was very young and discovering those haunting, ghastly, somber and surreal images on the internet. ML has really taken the mantle of being the foremost successor to Zdzislaw’s artistic vision in the Polish art scene, being featured in some pretty prominent album art (Bell Witch’s famed album “Mirror reaper” and the recent Psycroptic album “As the Kingdom Drowns” come to mind, both technical masterpieces in their respective sub-genres of doom and tech-death metal). Continue reading “Modern Art Madness, Double Feature: Surreal Horrorscapes in Mariusz Lewandowski “Atomic Emptiness” and “The Birth of Artificial Intelligence”.”