First Post in the Corner: Goin’ Gonzo and How I got here.

read the above link and the short posts on the original Gonzo Philosophy blog to get a feel about what the term is all about. it was written by a man i greatly admire and respect, a professor who in a lot of ways is why i began the thankless (and penniless) task of writing in the first place, either out of emulation or inspiration. dong Gonzo philosophy is simple, yet mind fumblingly hard at the same time. philosophy must have EXISTENTIAL COMPORTMENT, in other words it must matter. like gonzo journalism,  have personal import and narrative, not a dry assemblage of facts, or worse yet (like in analytic philosophy) a sterile assemblage of conjecture and logical equations. you must live and die and be reborn with philosophy clinging to you like a latex skin of suffocation, doubt, and the nourishing air of clarity must come into your horrendous suit of conjecture and half-realized ideas as a privilege that you lap up as quickly as you can before it is gone. insight unfortunately is fleeting, and both its demand and supply is embarrassingly low in the modern world.

let me tell you all a story about what really kick-started me to compete in the CONTENT game, for CONTENT in the tragicomic sense, is a way of life, a way of “seeing” the world as your oyster, or rather the world is trash, trash-world to your trash shredder to tear apart and deconstruct till it is sufficiently rendered down in your mind.

flashback to 2015-2016. i had discovered and became deeply enthralled with the metaphysician and (post)modern video artist only refereed to by the moniker Nobody™, Nobody-Trade mark, which i later came to find out is a collective of different people with an editor at the top. In my Frankfurt school grad class, i had a pretty open teacher that i later grew fond of, and she loved the idea of me highlighting an obscure modern artist, or as “modern artist” as an elusive, eclectic and esoteric editor that haunts the digital halls of 4chan can get. i posited the edits being a way of escaping and transforming the uniquely seductive power of the culture industry, a way of art that could never possibly be coherently subverted by its reconstituting powers and discourses.

long story short, i emailed Nobody™ and waiting awhile. one day i check my mail and received a very ghostly message in my inbox, and there it was, a response that started it all; we struck up a correspondence for awhile, and seeing as how i referenced the excellent exploratory piece by the great Adam Wallace, Nobody asked me if i wanted the article on the website (its still on the front page!) and on the West Coast Reactionaries website. i of course obliged and was greeted by the crop of authors that i had read with reverence for a long time. i soon became loyal to WCR as their newest writer, one who was adequately versed in continental philosophy, a departure from the usual right wing pantheon of philosophy. alas, things did not turn out for the better, writers left, etc. and Adam wisely decided to pack everything in after the growing frustration with being an online personality, and having to carry this weight on his shoulders, especially with being somehow associated with the “alt-right” (Adam got going when the going was good, and look where the “MOVEMENT” ™ is now). i was probably the first to find out he was packing things in, and right after that i found a new home at Thermidor mag. i have unfortunately seen a lot of top quality content makers come and go, and many simply stop producing due to getting burnt out after pouring their hearts out for little or no reward. Heaven knows i feel like that all the time.

anyways, hopefully i can use this platform to write on a more regular basis, after all this is a convenience seeing as how long threads on twitter dont have the same punch as an article/ blog post. so i hope this grows into something special, and i promise to keep up the content game for as long as i can, and to heck with the (somewhat real and somewhat imagined) consequences.

Gio OUT.



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