Meme Exegesis #1: The Mocking Laughter of King Homer (and Zarathustra).

This is my first real post in my first series on my own blog, and i hope this catches on as new and exiting reactionary/ “right-wing” memes crop up. as we all know, the “left can’t meme” which is probably a doubling-meme in itself, but however;

there is a number of reviews of pop culture from a right-wing or rather, not left-wing perspective. because we all know how anything involving “modern culture” is overwhelmingly dominated by the left, including the legions of Tumblr cat ladies that watch nothing but Netflix every night, and then blog about how such and such character was a “rapey patriarch” in Jezebel, or the Huff Po, or….wherever; so i take it on matters of all things pop culture (and yes, memes are pop culture now a days, at least for internet dwellers), even neutral analysis is considered “right-wing” in the current year x3. i am a big fan of the Cinematique section over at my Homeland Thermidor Magazine, and of course Argent Templar’s “reactionary review” YouTube series is very enjoyable stuff, and I’m not just saying that because he is a Fellow Southern Ontarian.

let us now explore what laughing King Homer means from a reactionary perspective; in season 3, episode 19, entitled “Dog of Death”, Homer envisions what he would do if he won the big lottery that he bought 50 tickets for, plating himself in gold, getting more massive with wealth and power, eventually towering over Springfield in a guttural, mocking laughter.

i have seen this meme (and have used it on a number of occasions) being used extensively by conservatives and right wingers on Twitter, usually to mock and ridicule leftists that tweet in a rather melodramatic and shrill tone about (in their mind’s) “DRUMPFTS” latest crime against humanity. this is a meme that shows the mocking laughter of the powerful, the “enemies” of the left (which usually includes white, christian, heterosexual conservative men) denigrating their vocal criticisms and sorrow-posting from a position of (real or imagined) power.

King Homer is the primordial laugh of the strong, the monarchical, the patriarchal, and the mockery of the “serious” tone and timbre of the usual Bugman/woman blue check mark style of tweeting progressive takes in the vein of verbose and alarmist rhetoric, filled with buzzwords about such and such “ism”, and such and such “American values” that everyone to the right of the DSA is supposedly destroying. it is no wonder why MAGA-men in particular use this meme GIF, as it is the extension of the brash political incivility that Trump supposedly represents to them. it is in short, a hearkening back to 2016’s “God-Emperor Trump” meme.

king Homer is however, not simply a meme that applies to Trump-worship, because Trump is merely a symbol for the real primordial aspirations of the Right: unabashed and unapologetic taking of power from the hands of the last-men, the lesser, the weak-willed and “wet souls” who currently Run the cathedral levers of power, in short, to rob the Bug-ocracy of all that they have taken from the men of tradition.

let me make a rather grandiose comparison to the role of laughter in Zarathustra; as it is said in Book 4 “on the Higher Men”, Zarathustra proclaims that his laughter, his “serious laughter” as Nietzsche observed elsewhere, is made “spiritual”, or in the context of the worldly and earthly meaning of the term in Zarathustra, it is elevated above mere discourse. Nietzsche unlike any other philosopher, saw the value in laughter, and the tragicomic nature of the world, for only the higher types, the Overman can gaze at the depths and the despair of the world, and conclude that “life itself” is something to be laughed at, mocking and jeering at those who are consumed by it, but also in a sublime way.

laughter is a key to obtaining wisdom for Zarathustra, thus he distinguishes his laughter of mockery at the “maggots on the bead of life” (emphasis on BUGS) to the scornful and mocking laughter that the common mass gave to Zarathustra at the market. oh is this indeed a perfect metaphor for online discourse, because we have this very setup between the common mass, the normie-liberal or normie-conservative, and the dissident/reactionary rightist, steeped in the esoteria of memetics; we laugh at those apocalyptic voices on the left, half as a conscious recognition of our villanry to them (as homer does in the scene), and playing the part of the villan in this controlled, orchestrated, and simulated media-driven reality we live in. the rightest knows deep down that in this society, to follow virtue, or an imperative higher than the worldy and juridical, or to simply dissent against the grain of whig-history and the cultural/political/social norms set primarily by the left is to be a “bad guy”, a heel in wrestling terminology. of course, this does not mean right wingers are not aknowledging some hidden malevolence of their ideas, quite the opposite (unless you are some self-flagellating Conservatism media type that is just as much a slithering creature as their bugmen colleagues);

Laughing king Homer is a meme-expression similar to the way Zaratustra uses mocking laughter against the “serious” and “weighty gravity” of existence, or to point out the patent absurdity of the the left’s proclaimations……or it is simply a way of the Rightist saying “yes, i agree with this thing that you hate, and i am proud of the fact that you hate it, for it causes you inner termoil, for i have suffered at your vitual hands as well”. no wonder the laughing of king Homer is often accompanied by the response phrase “and there is nothing you can do about it!”.


this meme may not be exclusly a “right-wing meme”. but i have anecdotally noticed its cutting, vicious and uncivil tone used primarily by those on the right against the hate-tweeting of the left.

a good resource that i have used for the sections on Zarathustra are here:

this meme may often come off as pure ressentment, the kind that nietzsche warned us of, but usually it is used in a posiiton of strength instead of a position of weakness and pettiness. at least the online Right would hope so.



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