Humans Of late Capitalism, Interpreted #2: Wine Aunt Dystopianism.

That about right Folks, I should present this without comment, it speaks for itself in such a plethora of poetic meaning. We live in a world of wine aunts, the wine mom, the “cool” and “with it” spinster that by pure happenstance occupies our lives in some way. You can say we live in a whole society made for the Wine aunt, constructed for maximum pleasure-seeking, and minimal guilt. The latter is not really as much of a manifest reality as the empty-eyed modern like to think. But have no fear, for our cultural engineers are perfecting the exact science of dulling the senses enough to eradicate those pesky things we used to feel like guilt. The Wine Aunts of the world would benefit a great deal from the completion of a guilt-free world….

Now on to what you all came here for, the picture analysis!

Maybe a nice bold Merlot pairs nicely with the near total collapse of all that we used to know, and all that grounded us as human beings, but who knows? The dollar store novelty napkin really encapsulates late capitalism’s ability to, at one end, feed us with distraction and placidity, and at the other, give us that dangling carrot of self-awareness. Even just for a brief glimpse, we can once again feel that sense of existential panic rush inside of us like a bad trip, delivering a torrent of information about how rapidly declining our world is, but then like that, its quenched and subsided with a shrug of the shoulder. Perhaps the Wine Aunt demographic is really saying with this novelty napkin “hay, now we know the real meaning of dystopia because of DRUMPFT!”, while totally ignoring all of the other factors before the big Cheetos dictator that contributes to the west slowly but surly declining into a dystopian hell-scape. This interpretation is of course always a possibility.

What really strikes me as odd is the ability to sell collapse-merch to people, and collapse narratives, and the idea that generally everyone feels things are declining like some metaphysical plague in the air-stream. The difference is that society proceeds as normal. No one is rioting or taking their rifles to the rooftops on mass, or looting, or just all of a sudden stopping in a collective moment of dharmic recognition to just think for a moment in unison, and say to each other “yeah, things are screwed us, why are we not doing something about it?”.

Imagine that, the day society stood still for a moment, like in some post-apocalyptic film, and everyone just stopped what they are doing and pondered for a moment how bad things have gotten; But no, we somehow carry on “thinking” or “feeling” like we are “doing something” because we gave or tactically support such and such a cause, or buy into such and such an ideology, etc. The reality is, we have a reality on our hands (and perhaps i am implying there might be other realities) where we can kick back, get drunk, and make cutesy sayings about enjoying ourselves while things go to Hell, both metaphorically and literally. Really this image just caught my eye, and that’s that.


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