Along We Go Counter-Marching: A How-To University Survival Guide for the Young Right-Wing Dissident. Part 4: The Student’s Way of Being.

Well boys and girls, this is my final part in what I think is a very important series, and something you really do not see a lot apart from articles here and there. We all know the realities of being a student who is on the Right, even more to the right of some conservatismTM or anti-SJW type. Chances are you end up finding articles like this one that can be a tad on the goofy side. Instead of that, what I have tried to do in this informal listicle style, is really speak to younger people out there, and to equip them with a realistic understanding of what it is like in University, and how to survive with heterodox opinions. To me, this is important because as stated more or less in the introduction, I simply grew tired of the same old negative responses from E-celeb conservatives and paycheck taking normie conservative journalists(bloggers).

Let me say this, i firmly believe that universities are a bloated, and over-bearing scam. We all know how it is “a scam”, but it happens to be one that still bares importance, at least it has the potential to become vital to the average person once more. Attendance numbers grow, and at soon as people drop like flies in the first few years, the dedicated students who actually want to go into the system are pushed at both ends; On the top, you have an army of adjuncts, grads and people waiting for temporary positions, and they all want a piece of the pie. And on the bottom, you have (lets face it) mediocre people who breeze by for whatever reason, and they clog the system for genuinely exceptional students.

This may seem “elitist” (oh believe me, by the standards of the average market-driven “woke” uni-department, it is!) but its the truth never the less. One thing that i have noticed is that among the right-wing students, albeit few and far between, they more often than not ARE exceptional compared to most. This could be my bias talking, but lets face it, they HAVE TO be exception, and that is the hard jagged pill to swallow, which leads me to my first point in the last installment of the series……

  • Face reality: Profs will sometimes hold you down, and its impossible not to offend someone, so face persecution with reverence and courage!

The reality is that professors can be spiteful, and most likely lash out due to fear, or petty disagreement. Once again we must use the royal NOT ALL phrase, but aside from that obvious disclaimer, professors will talk to other ones and administration, and will try to hold you back. If this happens, or if you suspect something is up, you must be careful! Collect as much evidence as you can, or try to fight your way out of it by BEING EXCEPTIONAL. Prove your worth to the point where they cannot ignore you. It is unfair, but chances are more scrutiny and responsibility to do well and to defend your ideas will be placed on you if the class and/or professor “knows your power levels”, so to speak. Professors often will hold down or try to hold down grads, and this is often without them realizing it. A lot of times, they do this out of fear that you might be an original thinker, someone who can contribute to quality scholarship, and most importantly, someone who will compete for the dwindling job opportunities left (you can’t just bank on a mass Boomer die-off in the academy, and believe me, Profs stay on till they are one with the ground).

There is an almost guaranteed chance that you will offend someone, and if this happens, the old advice is true: NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, unless it is totally warranted because deep down you know you were being petty or deliberately edgy, etc. NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR YOUR IDEAS AND OPINIONS. Of course this is within reason, and you must use that old Aristotelian prudence to judge what you think is a reasonable position to defend, and what is just bombastic. If someone is offended by what you say, do not try to pander, instead defend yourself in a reasonable manner. Chances are, reason will not work some of the times, so try to in a way (as cruel as this sounds) use their emotions and irrational opinions against them…

Remember part 3 where i talked about leaving things to mystery? well the reality of a lot of situations where someone has taken offense to you is that you might be better off hiding the full implications of your ideas. Do not spell things out for them because chances are they will construe all sorts of “Isms” from your clearly-explicated worldview. Try to soften the edges of your opinions or try to come at it in a way that appears as if you are stating a left wing opinion.

Now this last part seems crazy, but you would be surprised how well this can work, and the sheer volume of ideas you can express if you sugar coat them by re-tooling left wing perspectives. Even in the heat of being accused by someone of wrong-think, make it seem like you are sympathetic to their worldview. Ex. a traditional way of life can be defended by using environmentalism, deep ecology, and anti-capitalism to your advantage. This is a big one, but it is just a singular example of the bamboozling tactics you can use to assuage a heated exchange with a typical NPC.

Other times, when it comes down to it, bamboozling, playing “devils advocate”, coming off as a “woke centrist”, etc. can troll people into disarming their inner ideological censors. This may appear like sophistry, but believe me, you do not want to be collectively UN-personed by your university program. You must stay firm in your convictions, but also find ways to disarm the immediate knee-jerk response of Left NPCs that can potentially throw roadblocks in your path, and this disarming can be done in a variety of ways, the most important one will be coming up at the end of this last installment.

The point is, university departments reek of uber-niche specialization. You must demonstrate that you can do this, but also impress people by being a polymath. Have a wide array of knowledge, read outside the lines. and who knows. people might just be impressed by your ability to weave different fields of knowledge together. Keep in mind not to overdo this though, arrogance and smugness gets your nowhere. Now…speaking of “scams”….

  • You are a rabbit in a field of carrots on sticks, a slave by any other name, beholden to a faceless and uncaring system, DEAL WITH IT.

There is a great clip from a Hydewars episode where Sam Hyde talks to his friend about academia, a friend whom happens to have a theology MA. They have some rather black-pill insights into the nature of modern academia, and after reading this, i urge everyone to watch it, but with caution mind you:

I say caution because most, if not all of these observations are true, and i have the insane role of telling you that, if you are up to the task, plow through all of this and still pursue a career in academia.

To summarize, modern universities are daycare centers for North American kids that wish to delay adulthood, and who’s boomer parents still think its the 70s where people with degrees are respected in society and can get meaningful employment instantly. At best, since tenure is dying, you will be an Adjunct going from contract to contract. You will teach undergrad courses, and God forbid you fail anyone today (because hay, the universities want your money first and foremost). There are far too many niche programs pumping out grads, and not enough positions to be filled. Profs with tenure hold on for dear life, and will actively discourage you from adding to the grad pile. It may seem like the wish to add to scholarship and the furthering of human knowledge is just a pipe dream, and the faceless academic bureaucracy cares not about you and a million other undergrads and grads like you having a future!

There is not much I can say to refute any of this, but one thing I know is this: Academia, whether people on the Right like it or not, is still important, and still holds influence over society. If you outright abandon such a vital institution and cede it to your ideological enemies, let it wither away in a decrepit state (but not a failed state mind you, since it still has power) YOU LOSE. The Right loses when it lacks scholarly legitimacy apart from hacks that are easily discredited. I am not saying to go out and be like National review, or to totally sell out. There are some helpful tips that keep you ahead of the pack, like being exceptional, producing good work, etc. A very important point in terms of having longevity is to try and avoid debt as much as possible. Do whatever you have to, because debt is a huge issue. This alone will limit a lot of people irregardless of political ideology.

Getting back to the issues with academia. The fact is, theories and ideas cultivated in the universities slowly creep into the greater society (kind of like a Dioxin reservoir leaking into the water supply, but I joke). You must determine if, in some small way, you can contribute and take charge of that flow. Believe me, this shift might not happen in our lifetimes, but never the less, it is worth the effort. A major problem is that in academia, especially at the grad level, they wave social status and legitimacy as a promise, a carrot on the proverbial stick. You get to be a TA, mark papers, write, and be a monkey, lower than a wage slave that is underpaid, all for the PROMISE of one day making it, and having respect in society. Think of it like going to a Zen monastery, or better yet, a wrestling or MMA dojo.

A lot of people think they can “make it” in Pro wrestling or MMA, but only few have the endurance to do so. Take the New Japan Pro Wrestling young lion system, in its is a philosophy of pedagogy that emphasizes slow teaching and humility, ideas that goes back to the young boys of the ancient samurai. Both have the same idea: as a young student, you must grind for a position, you will learn a limited set of specific things, and learn them well. You will do medial and degrading things like washing, laundry, getting coffee, taking punishment from the masters (like for NJPW young lions, getting frequently assaulted by an angry Minoru Suzuki), etc. You will be treated like some petulant child in need of instruction, and you will be expected to work long and hard for little pay off at first. After going through every trial with sheer will and determination, you get to move on, wrestle a few matches, and after eating endless pins by legit wrestlers, you just might eventually “make it”, whatever making it means to you. Think of this analogy, and apply it to being in university. Think of all the struggles you will encounter, and of doing this all for the higher causes of being heard, of being respected as someone who “MADE IT”, and who, despite all the naysayers, got to thumb their nose in the system’s face.

If you want to be dramatic about it, hopefully you get to say one day ” you tried to censor and de-platform me, all the leftist professors and unhinged student radicals, but i am more clever and wiser. I bamboozled, played along with, and cajoled my way past the ivory tower gatekeepers. I am more dangerous now, as a recognized and accredited academic, to the Cathedral’s consensus reality, than a million Twitter s**tposters every could be!”. And now for my number one tip for university survival as a young Right-wing dissident….

  • Lastly and most importantly, cultivate a force of personality.

This is the most important skill you can ever learn to navigate not just the gauntlet of academia, but the greater social world as a whole. Everywhere you turn, every avenue and crevice of the modern world will be filled with people and ideas we may find abhorrent. The operational discourses of modernity are fundamentally alien to almost everyone on the Right, and things are not going to change soon because people are not going to change soon. We can at best try to challenge the background assumptions and images of thought that constitutes our current epoch on an individual basis. Most people startlingly operate with little awareness of how they acquired certain beliefs (NPCs). In the age of nihilistic apathy and postmodern confusion of values,  make it very clear to people that all ideas are up for critique and problematizing. It amazes me how right-wingers have yet to figure out effective ways to weaponize postmodernism to our advantage, apart from the obvious surface-level games being played on the Internet. All the more reason then for the Right to have a foot in academia, but this will never happen unless right-wingers learn to be smooth about it.

You must always be concerned with and aware of the aura you are projecting inside a certain environment and situation. You must study how people react to you, what makes others tick, and how you can steer a group engaged in conservation and discourse towards your favor. You must learn to build social skills and cultivate an aura of personality around you, one that gives others in academia the impression of gregariousness, gravitas, intuitiveness, intellect, and a daringness to explore ideas freely, qualities that your average radical ideologue on campus simply does not possess. You must build a personality that will tell people that you are worthy of respect, and avoid the pitfalls of previous right-wing firebrands that have come before. This is a hard and arduous task, and you simply cannot “fake it” or be a pseudo-intellectual like so many hacks in the universities who coast by on a lifeboat of having the “right ideas” and being on the “right side of history”. Do not delude yourself with cocky nonsense and being so sure of yourself; Like i have said above, Smugness gets you nowhere, and besides, the universities are bursting at the seams with smugness, so why add to it?

Most people, regardless of their intelligence, unfortunately view ideas not by some cold metric of logic or real-world application, but by the way they are presented. The only way you can let your wrong-think slip under the radar is by not only convincing others on their own terms, with their own moral patterns and ideational assessments of things (i.e. guiding them to your ideas with their way of thinking) but by how you as a person are when presenting these alternative concepts. You could make all the logical sense in the world, but if you fit the stereotype of what a right-wing firebrand is to the average college leftist, then it does not matter if you truly have logic and evidence on your side (take that skeptics, your “LAWGIC” is a flawed basis of human expression). Take this in mind, and build upon a forceful personality: forceful as in being straightforward and having passion, but not forceful in a negative sense, where you are almost bullying people with your ideas until they conform. Be gregarious, be empathetic, but also be stern and inquisitive.

Let me give you another example from my own university experience. One time I had an international politics class, and a person in it was a girl who was very prominent in the student union. All everyone seemed to talk about at the time was Trump, so naturally I had to choose my words wisely, but seeing as how I was building a good rapport with everyone in the class, it had “become a meme”, you could say, that I was this ardent right-wing Reactionary (PRO TIP: Irony can be very useful in certain situations, at least temporarily). I had even managed to defend very nationalist and anti-globalist ideas in the class, of course appealing to various concerns over the destruction of cultures and ways of life around the globe, essentially accusing the end of history idea of being another form of colonialism.

The day after the Trump victory I had gone to class and almost everyone was waiting for me outside the hallway, it was quite the good laugh everyone had when they saw me, and everyone was joking about it both in the positive and negative. I walk in and there was this girl with whom I had been debating  in this semester, and as you could imagine she absolutely hated the whole ordeal, accusing me of various things, and so forth. Now I had a few options – I could have held on bitterly to this and never talk to this girl again, which is the typical advice you usually hear, or I could try to understand where this person is coming from. Keep in mind it is quite easy to dismiss people off-hand when you disagree with them, which could potentially rob you of meaningful dialogue.

The next week I go to class, I wait till the end and I approach this girl wishing to talk to her about the situation. Keep in mind, this is always risky, so be on your best behavior, appear as friendly and as non-confrontational as possible. I also generally advise extreme caution in all situations as a heterosexual man in any university interaction; We had a nice exchange, she told me her feelings on the matter, and I explained a bit of my view of things (my deep criticisms of Trump aside), and after a while we grew to be quite cordial friends. This person even said to me one time that she had never encountered someone to the political Right in such an up-close and personal manner (which is typical of a lot of millennials on the political left). You see, I made a potentially detrimental situation into a positive one simply by going out of my way to have an honest conversation, and giving off the vibe that I was not an overly judgemental and unscrupulous partisan unwilling to listen (She was also a student union person, you never know who has potential influence over you).

A lot of younger millennials to the Right tend to exist in their own shell if they choose to go down the path of academia, embracing a siege or outcast mentality, for good reason mind you. A lot of them have internalized despair, black pilled themselves, and on the outside, appear cold and detached (nice ways of saying “WOW JUST WOW” that person is totally weird!) But this attitude cannot work if the Right is serious about claiming space within hostile institutions, which can only come about through balancing a healthy self-interest (i.e. not running into trouble and getting on the nerves of people above you) and sincerely putting forth ideas with potency. If you build up a personality and reputation among your peers and even among your professors of being intelligent, passionate, willing to converse, and respectful, then you will have an easier time of walking the tightrope of being on the Right in a predominantly ultra-progressive environment. And with this I say, the end, and I hope this guide was helpful or at least thought-provoking, oh you, future scholar on the Right, taking up the Sisyphean task of revolting against modernity.



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