Meme Exegesis #2: The enigma of C A L M P O S T E R.

Deep inside the darkest reaches of Frog-twitter, out from under the despair of blackpilling, sorrow-posting, and generally cynical and jaded obsessions over all things that are decaying and profane in the modern world, lies one account that provides a reprieve from the endless streams of dissonance and frustration, CALMPOSTER. 

Is it is said in Way of the Bodhisattva

“With perfect and unyielding faith,
With steadfastness, respect, and courtesy,
With modesty and conscientiousness,
Work calmly for the happiness of others.”
And also:
“good works gathered in a thousand ages, such as deeds of generosity, or offerings to the blissful ones, a single flash of anger shatters them.”
I like to think of CALMPOSTER, as silly as this may sound, as a virtual bodhisattva,
purposely staying in the trash, the muck and mire of Hell-world that is for
the purpose of reminding everyone of a simple maxim: STAY CLAM, and all will come to
you, good or bad.
CALMPOSTER exists in a morphological time and ontolgical-presencing, rather than full presence of being, for he can be anything and nothing, ever-present and nowhere. The various image macro edits of that signature stoic face (the original face as they say in Mahayana?) has been in various historical contexts, has taken on different roles, even fruits and whole countries, etc. Like Gondola and a litany of other post-post-modern memes, CALMPOSTER is an emblem of the Nu-sincerity present on Frog Twitter, breaking off from detached and alienating sedimentary layers of irony, CALMPOSTER brings people a message that is as plain as a blue and sunny sky, yet striking and profound on a spiritual level.
DmQ4_mkXcAExqqF.jpg large
Pictured: CALMPOSTER as the moon.
CALMPOSTER is a living and tweeting work of modern art that shares a singular morphological aesthetic brand, only this brand image is used for the good instead of the commodified and banal (or evil); CALMPOSTER’s feed is usually filled with music posting unlike any other account, always the most minimalist of ethereal ambient tracks and field recordings meant for therapy and studying. CALMPOSTER will also give out friendly and short pieces of advice depending on the time of year or on events or days of the week, for example: in a heatwave, CALMPOSTER will tweet “stay cool this week my friends”. CALMPOSTER will also use the brand image in editing backdrops of nature, often with that signature piece of advice to “stay calm”, embrace inner equilibrium, and stay steadfast, silent and unperturbed by the transient world of Samsara, like a Zen master, Taoist immortal, or stoic philosoph, gazing upon the tragic-comic nature of existence with profound interest, yet firm and calculated detachment.
CALMPOSTER is often seen with a butterfly, the most tranquil and calm of all creatures.
with this exploration of the mysterious, yet comforting account of CALMPOSTER, I leave you with this tweet that encapsulates the entire mission of C A L M, to give relief to those who suffer in the world of virtual purgatorial agitation:
FireShot Capture 018 - C A L M P O S T _ - https___twitter.com_calmposter_status_1035143879643869184.png

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