A Comprehensive list of Right wing Twitter Archetypes and its Importance: Lighten thyself.

Recently, a smaller Twitter account known as “Scion of the Kohanim” has created quite a comprehensive list of ironic, or rather, post-ironic descriptions of various right wing archetypal personalities and “brands” one comes across in the dark underbelly of twitter, if one dares to look hard enough. Now I have linked the thread, but knowing how things go on social media in relation to the Right now a days, I have taken the time to preserve the list here, just in case the Twitter cat lady matrons do their terrible blocking deed to our post-ironist troubadour here.

Why do I think such a compilation is important? Well, as many of you who follow my work know, I spend a lot of my time criticizing the right, or “punching right” for those insular whig-nat types that don’t know what quality control is. Keep in mind I am not some liberal centrist, some (God forbid, and God forgive me for saying the word!) Neocon, or Normie “conservatismTM” type, I am not critiquing the right from those positions of cowardice, “woke” centrism that gets us nowhere, or just plain liberal infiltration. I do not wish to place the right in some centrist Skinner-box of discourse and capture. However, I feel a lot of these criticisms are warranted, or shall we say “Right wing twitter viewed from the Right”, it you can catch my drift at this point; Put it this way, there are a lot of ideas that have an unfortunate tendancy to latck on to partiucalr right-wing personality types, and these ideas can either be stupid, dangerous in some cases, anachronistic, or most commonly, just plain LARPy and unproductive. I know how this must sound, ideas on the Right can be “dangerous”, i must be a “cuck” for using such language. But let me say, for some people, yes, a certain mania that surrounds, in my opinion, racialist and biologically deterministic ideas in particular, can be harmful for a variety of bitter, alienated and detached (mostly) young males. I have seen all sorts of fringo people, sociopaths that lack human empathy, grifters, people on the absolute edge of sanity, etc. In the Right-wing twitter spheres, and perhaps the goal of this semi-ironic/semi-sincere list is to really give us some dose of self-reflection, and to possibly cool it down.

What i mean by this is that we really need to take a look in the mirror as a collective, and figure out what we are doing and how we are doing it, before it is too late. We do not have time to bicker, and stab each other in the back, or at the same time tolerate total insanity or unproductive loose-talk. We can no longer just dwell within our brands, Shit-post, and LARP a certain personality or meme-plex hoping that one day it will become true. Perhaps we need to loosen up this rigidity for a brief moment, even laugh at ourselves and evaluate why these ideas, often contradictory and even brilliantly creative, yet destructive ideas, have such an appeal to us. Maybe, just maybe, if we look at the list and find ourselves taking our sense of online-selves too seriously, we can break the cycle, and mature these chaotic ideas into more refined, and less LARPy versions of themselves. Perhaps by lightening up, we can improve our personalities. After all, how are we going to “own the libs” if we keep landing into the same mental and spiritual traps we have set for ourselves? As Zizek often spits out “IT IS PURE IDEOLOGY!”, so here is the list in full:

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🦆 Scion of the Kohanim 🦆‏ @ScionOfKohan

I made a series of right wing twitter archetypes but I’m a big dumb dummy and I didn’t put them in a thread, so Imma compile them here, and any more of them will be in this thread.


Right Wing Twitter Archetype 1: The Terrorwave AnPrim who wouldn’t last a day without wifi and electricity

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 2: The Fascist Monarchist Integralist Catholic Hyperborean Anarchist Primitivist Modernist Ismist

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 3: The Pious Inquisitor with an anime avi who accuses everyone of degeneracy but is a closeted homosexual/tranny

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 4: The guy who became a pagan so he doesn’t have to feel bad about being gay and racist

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 5: The Nazi who would instantly be purged in the actual 3rd reich

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 6: The Manlet who larps as a bronze age chad

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 7: The Trans lesbian larping as a trad housewife

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 8: The nonsensical esotericist writing 1000 word essays on the tl without actually making a coherent point

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 9: The closeted genius with 2 phds who just shitposts all day

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 10: The Arab NEET who wishes he was a Turkish warlord

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 11: The right wing death squad poster who cries about Israeli human rights violations

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 12: The incel that memed himself into being a trap on r9k

Right Wing twitter Archetype 13: The guy whose entire political philosophy and religion was a meme until one day he actually believed it

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 14: The BegomeOrthodox guy who really only converted to Orthodox Christianity for the A E S T H E T I C S

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 15: The Hapa who hates his white dad for being in a loving relationship with his hot asian mom and who larps as a steppe warrior

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 16: The MAGA conservative who’s completely out of his depth around all the terrorwave posters and stuff but he’s coasting on hating immigrants and loving Jesus

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 17: The guy whose entire ideology is basically “TFW no gf”

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 18: The libertarian with a marble statue avi who got sucked into Identity Evropa to “DEFEND EVROPA” and now he just larps as a Roman, but is still a lolbertarian

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 19: The guy who thinks european identity means loving marble statues, replacing every U with a V, and being a WASP

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 20: The teenager whose entire ideology is based on what his kindly liberal parents would hate the most, so he just listens to School Shooter and is super racist against everyone. Lowkey hates himself

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 21: The guy who thinks he’s a genius because he names the Jew, but really he just alienates everyone by obsessing over conspiracies

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 22: The guy who is just permanently blackpilled and pissed about it. Posts nothing but the most depressing shit in order to bring everyone down with him

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 23: The guy that rails against thots and e-whores but secretly has an alt following tons of wanna be pawg pornstars with premium snaps

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 24: The shitposter that couldn’t care less about politics or religion, but he really hates gays and blacks so he just kinda hangs around

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 25: The Jewish kid who hates his secular parents and larps as a Maccabee

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 21: The incredibly ugly le 56% stereotype who passes himself off as an aryan, but still has a bio with 20 different european flags

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 26: The guy who the fifties are trad. Really just a liberal who doesn’t like gays or foreigners.

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 27: The monarchist who’s really just a communist but he doesn’t know it

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 28: The guy who still thinks he’s hilarious memeing about Pinochet and free helicopter rides

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 29: The guy who kind of drifted over from gamergate a while ago but is incredibly dumb so he just posts about cucks or NPCs or whatever flavour of the week insult is popular at the moment

Right Wing Twitter Archetype: 30 The wanna be motivational speaker. Maybe lifts weights, probably doesn’t. Has a Machiavelli avi, has a website where he might sell pick up guides. Is a secret neet

Right Wing Twitter Archetype: 31 The guy who takes right wing twitter WAY too seriously. Acts like every tweet is his dark manifesto. Never lightens up

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 32: The fascy tradwife who posts her cooking all over her tl but doesn’t realize it looks just awful. Her husband will probably cheat on her

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 33: The wanna be theologian who believes he’s got the true understanding of why other religions are dumb. Has never read anything, is absolutely wrong every time he opens his mouth about another religion other than his own

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 34: The Nazi who goes on nature walks just so he can post pics on his twitter with captions like “what a great day to see the fatherland 1488 HH”

Right Wing twitter Archetype 35: The lifter who’s highkey pretty gay. Won’t admit it, but everyone knows the homoeroticism isn’t just a joke.

Bottom of Form

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 36: The addict who thinks having a coke habit and hating the Jewish establishment makes him an edgy intellectual

Right Wing twitter Archetype 37: The guy who’s super late to the game, complaining about SJWs and Cucks, not realizing he’s at least years behind the game

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 38: The guy who just read some Kazcynski and know thinks he’s super woke and keyed into the secrets of society

Right Wing Twitter Archetype: 39 The absolute failure at life who has no redeeming qualities and blames his entire situation on conspiratorial boogeymen.

Right Wing Twitter Archetype 40: The tankie who suddenly got religious so he became a leftcath, but then he realized he hated immigrants, so now he’s a NazBol

Right Wing twitter Archetype 41: The guy who’s half german so he posts about german paganism and stuff exclusively. Attaches ‘volk’ to literally everything. Says he’s an odinist, really just worships his racw

Right Wing twitter Archetype 42: The modox Jew who thinks he’s edgy because he’s alt-right. Is probably a libertarian and married to a shiksa

Right Wing twitter Archetype 43: The the guy who hates Jews mostly because his mom had him circumcised when he was a baby. Will probably never get over it. Manufactures trauma that he never would have remembered

Right Wing twitter Archetype 44: The monarchist who thinks he would be one of the nobles if there was ever a new kingdom. Doesn’t realize he’d probably just be a dirt farmer

Right Wing twitter Archetype 45: The Hungarian that larps as a mongol despite the fact that he jas a boring desk job

Right Wing twitter Archetype 46: The Mexican that larps as a conquistador. Is 60% percent indian.

Right Wing twitter Archetype 47: The central asian guy who desperately wants to be a steppe warrior. Thinks he’s a direct descendant of Ghengis Khan. Is really just a rape baby

Right Wing twitter Archetype 48: The Wehraboo who larps as a Panzergrenadier. Probably wouldn’t even qualify for the Volkssturm

Right Wing twitter Archetype 49: The guy whose parents would disown him if they saw his twitter

Right Wing twitter Archetype 50: The 30 something conservative dad who had 4 or 5 kids who thought Twitter might be fun. Is lowkey disgusted with all yall

Right Wing twitter Archetype 51: IQ “””scientist””” who memes about how high the Aryan IQ is and stuff, but doesn’t realize he has an himself of less than 110.

Right Wing twitter Archetype 52: The amateur geneticist/anthropologist. Manipulates historical data to say his ethnicity of choice is aryan. Literally no better than the ‘WE WUZ KANGS’ niggas

Right Wing twitter Archetype 53: Nazi Catgirl/Catboy. Absolutely nonsensical person. No coherent ideology or identity save for being a weeb and liking Nazi aesthetics. Ostensibly a mystery phenomenon

Right Wing twitter Archetype 54: The obsessive prepper/gun nut. Buys thousands of dollars of guns and camo. Will absolutely die to a 30 cent bullet

Right Wing twitter Archetype 55: The weeaboo who lowkey wants to convert to Islam because he has an obsession with Loli and wants G-d to approve of him fucking a minor

Right Wing twitter Archetype 56: The Catholic guy that larps as an inquisitor or a pope, but he only goes to mass like 5 times a year because church is an hour drive away

Right Wing twitter Archetype 57: The MAGAlite conservative who would have voted for Bernie. Kinda got caught up in the conservative thing and realized he didn’t like immigration. Wound up here on accident. Is highkey kinda freaked out by the hitlerposting. Will go back to the dnc

Right Wing twitter Archetype 58: The discount history buff. Plays too much Eu4 and Hoi4. Listens to Hardcore history. Dan carlin made Ghengis Khan sound cool so now he plays at liking cool dictators and warlords. Posts questionable historical theory on the tl

Right Wing twitter Archetype 59: The the guy who larps as a slav. He isn’t slavic at all, usually a WASP but he really hates the turks in his neighborhood so he larps as a serb or a pole or something because “REMOVE KEBAB LMAO XD”

Right Wing twitter Archetype 60: The AnCap who loves pinochet and memes about the NAP. Think’s he’s a revolutionary because he read atlas shrugged and half of the fountainhead. Believes he’s right wing. Doesn’t realize capitalism is liberal

Right Wing twitter Archetype 61: The guy who preaches abstinence and waiting till marriage. Only does this because he’s a kissless virgin. If he ever had a gf he’d sleep with her on the first date if she asked

Right Wing twitter Archetype 62: The guy who constantly roasts random e-whores and lefties with quote tweets. Would absolutely get his feelings hurt if it happened to him

Right Wing twitter Archetype 63 : The atomwaffen larper with tons of guns and flectarn. Postures as a dangerous killer, listens to terrorwave. Would cry if he ever got into a fight

Right Wing twitter Archetype 64: The wannabe farmer. Posts paintings of fields and wilderness, says stuff like “slay the urbanite, wishes he had a farm. Will never leave his suburb

Right Wing twitter Archetype 65: The pornonationalist. Posts pics of naked women in fields with the caption “THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE TO PROTECT”. Basically his identity is just hot girls

Right Wing twitter Archetype 66: The guy who’s real weird about women. Posts stuff about conquering women and implanting their wombs with the seed of warriors or something. Doesn’t realize that his creepiness with women is why he doesn’t have a gf

Right Wing twitter Archetype 67: The Abrahamic who spends his days accusing other Abrahamics of idolatry or Satanism

Right Wing twitter Archetype 68: The guy who spends literal hours arguing with people who will never ever agree with him. Thinks he’s Socrates, doesn’t realize he’s Sisyphus

Right Wing twitter Archetype 69:  (winking face)

Right Wing twitter Archetype 70: The gun fanatic. Has tons of guns, is generally a cool guy, would probably take you shooting. Has a lowkey sexual attraction to some of his guns

Right Wing twitter Archetype 71: The low testosterone guy who compensates by being a BAP fanatic and taking supplements. Doesn’t realize masculinity isn’t only about burning down cities and taking warbrides

Right Wing twitter Archetype 72: The consumer masculinist. Falls for the motivational speakers bullshit about buying guides and products to make him more manly. Buys beard wax, gun oil scented body spray, and flannel. Thinks this will get him a gf. It won’t

Right Wing twitter Archetype 73: That guy who will almost certainly come to be known as the crazy uncle in the family. Not the fun kind either, but the one you try to forget exists when planning family reunions or weddings

Right Wing twitter Archetype 74: The neo-luddite with the highkey internet addiction.



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