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writer, impressionist painter, gonzo philosopher and graduate (M.A. in Philosophy/M.A. in Political Science) from The first “post-national” country, as described by the current regime of Trudeau the junior. most political labels i find unsatisfactory, so i simply identify as a “traditionalist” in the philosophic sense. “catholic perennialist” is somewhat of a coherent descriptor, or perhaps “reactionary post-modernist” as i have been described, or rather, as i have filled that sort of niche in the reactosphere. either way i am hard to pin down.

this blog will be dedicated to my more quick and “on the go” takes, and various posts i find inadequate for longer articles. my work has appeared in West Coast Reactionaries, New Media Central, Thermidor Magazine, Crusader Magazine, Logos Club, and more notably the home-site of the almighty video artist NobodyTM. For my long-form essays, I am a mainstay author at The American Sun. 

if you wish to contact me, the easiest and quickest way is to DM me on Twitter, where i generally waste most of my time. or if you have a longer letter to send, email me.

the thoughts i express here and on Twitter are my own, an are not those of any organizations or schools i may or may not currently be affiliated with.

find my body of work here: